Dear Parents,
At the Carnival this Saturday we will require some parent helpers to look after the second hand book stall. If you could spare an hour of your time it would be greatly appreciated. A Book Stall timetable is on the wall outside Mrs Hodgkin’s classroom (2D) and two parents will be rostered on at a time. Please try to fill the gaps in our roster!
Kind regards,

Jeanette Goode and 2C

Science: Bill The Plumber Visits 2C

Luke with his dad, Bill

Bill came to school today to talk about his job as a plumber and how it involves water. We found his talk very interesting, informative and detailed. We also thought his job seemed smelly, dirty and disgusting at times. He has had some very funny experiences working as a plumber.

In writing we recorded facts and opinions about Bill’s talk.

District Cross Country

Congratulations to Will, Beau and Samantha who represented our school in the District Cross Country today. They performed admirably, competing against children from many different Mornington Peninsula based schools. Additionally, most of their opponents were Year 3 students.

Will placed second, Beau placed third and Samantha also ran a solid race. What an outstanding effort!

Please help us by collecting these recycled materials

Our school’s integrated throughline this term is Sustainability with a focus on the five R’s reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink and respect. As part of the unit students will be involved in a range of activities reusing recyclable materials. We would like all students to bring any of the following items from home. As a maths activity, students will gain points for each item with 100 points equalling a dojo point.

• Glass jars 75 points

• Cereal/ cake mix etc. boxes 10 points

• Paper towel cylinders 15 points

• Plastic bottles or containers 10 points

Please ensure no egg cartons, toilet rolls or alcohol products are included.

Thank you.

Science: Rain, Rain

Today in Science we investigated rain falling on a variety of surfaces. We worked in groups outside and observed and recorded what happens when rain falls on bitumen, soil, grass, a slope, sand and tan bark. We found that on some surfaces rain soaks into the ground while it runs off others.
Ask your parents to predict what they think might happen on the surfaces below. Let them know if they were correct.

Tan bark






Cross Country

Congratulations to all 2C members for participating in the school Cross Country today. Although there were some nervous children this morning they all embraced the challenge of running 1km and most completed the course with ease. Many children demonstrated persistence (our You Can Do It focus this term) by trying their best throughout the race and not giving up.
A special congratulations to Will who won his race today.

Mrs Cooper took lots of photos of the event but unfortunately they will not transfer onto the blog. There seems to be a fault with her iPhone (sorry).

Read More In May

In May, students, teachers and parents at MMPS like to celebrate READING and strive to read more and more! To help us do this we run the Read More in May initiative where children keep a record of their reading behaviour and minutes each day to work towards increasing the time they spend both reading and being read to. Is your child a reluctant reader? There will be some tips for parents in up coming school newsletters. We are all working to help those who have not discovered the joy of reading to find “just right” books and be inspired to delve into good literature. This year, families can also participate in the Read Aloud More in May. What a wonderful opportunity to invest in some family reading time, re-ignite some interest and get lost in a story. Whilst having fun with books, why not take a selfie and enter our school “Share a Selfie” competition! For details of all of these activities, see the posters on display around the school and Banksia Bulletin each week.

Matt Cosgrove is the official ambassador and illustrator for National Family Reading Month 2017! He’s the author and illustrator of the new and hilarious Epic Fail Tales series. Watch and share his inspiring video message about reading aloud.